Hermes Evelyne

Another best seller by Hermes: their Evelyne is one of the most gorgeous messenger bags you can find on the market.
It comes in 3 sizes - PM, GM and TGM which is more a luggage to me. I think some TPM were also released but they should be out of production.
Some models come with an adjustable strap (III models), some don't (II).
Being Hermes, we have a variety of leathers and colors to choose from. I like the Evelyne in bright colors, such as Bleu Jean, Rouge or Jaune.

Left to right: TGM, GM and PM
(photo by The Purse Forum)

Pros: it such a funny bag, you can have different colors in different sizes, and cheer up a grey winter day! It's a nice messenger for everyday use, easy to take things out of the bag (the II and III versions also have a pocket on the back).
Cons: again another bag that is open on top (it only has the little leather strap to close it). I would prefer it without the huge "H" embossing, but you can always wear it against your body if you don't want people to know you're carrying Hermes. It's not a problem for me in Italy where so very few people know Hermes bags, so I think I could live with it.

I'm not considering the price a bad issue this time, with the PM in Clemence leather retailing for euro 1590.00 - this is a bag that will get a lot of use. Let's say you're going to use it everyday for 5 years (and believe me, this bag can last much more) you've spent less than 1 euro per day.

Buy it through Hermes e-boutique or contact your local store

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